Beyond Free Speech and Safe Space: Reimagining Open Expression, Inclusion and Argument

July 20, 2018

APC 2018-2019 Event Series: Beyond Free Speech and Safe Space

In this moment of heightened reactiveness in public discourses and on college campuses about who is permitted to speak and about what topics, it is difficult to create spaces for nuanced discussion. Who decides what is permissible speech? What is at stake when voices are silenced or speakers are subject to social media surveillance? 

Working from the premises that public engagement is by definition neither truly free nor truly safe, Beyond Free Speech and Safe Space examines the politics of expression through a year-long series of interdisciplinary public lectures, performances, pedagogical workshops, and discussions devoted to exploring the practices and interpretive possibilities that are typically foreclosed when expression is framed as a matter of either “free speech” or “safe space.”

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