Meet...Karina Rios!

May 7, 2015

karina rios

Unlike her favourite cartoon character, Snorlax, this South Floridian is always on the move! Between earning a dual degree in Nursing and GSWS, with a concentration in Gender and Health, Karina assists with clinical research on adolescents with trichotillomania, proctors in a student disability center, and plays softball for the Colombian National Team! Karina's most recent feat as a graduating senior-- her thesis-- is entitled "Living with Television: Orange is the New Black vs. The Realities of Incarceration Today."

Why did you declare a GSWS major?

Sophomore year I had the opportunity to shadow an OBGYN at HUP and watch two live births. I immediately fell in love with the magical experience of a mother bringing a miracle into the world. I wanted to learn more about the field of Women’s Health and all the privileges that come along with being a woman. I became inspired after taking a few GSWS courses and am now pursing a career tailoring to women’s needs and health care through a Nursing and GSWS dual degree.

What has been your favorite GSWS course?

Women and Incarceration with Dr. Kathleen Brown was hands down my favorite course I have taken at Penn. It allowed me to dive into the Philadelphia community and further understand the hardships that inmates face today. I was able to learn through first hand experiences rather than through articles or books. I was also able to speak to women one-on-one to form relationships that I otherwise would not have been exposed to.

Tips for Future Majors?

Explore all areas of GSWS! There are so many interesting courses to take that aren’t available anywhere else. I also suggest reaching out to the community. You learn so much through other peoples' life experiences.