Affiliated Faculty

The Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies Program and the Alice Paul Center's Affiliated Faculty are Penn professors and lecturers who support the Program and the Center and occasionally teach a course related to gender, sexuality, or women, or have a secondary area of research that focuses on gender, sexuality or women.

Stephanie Abbuhl - Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Megan Kassabaum - Anthropology
Anita L. Allen - Law
Jane Kauer - Anthropology
Francesca Ammon - City and Regional Planning
Annette Lareau - Sociology
Regina Austin - Law
Susan Lindee - History & Sociology of Science
David Azzolina - Penn Libraries
Julia Lynch - Political Science
Frances Barg - UPHS, Anthropology, HSOC
Susan L. Lytle - Education
Rita Barnard - English
Catriona MacLeod - German and Germanic Literature
David Barnes - History & Sociology of Science
Rosemary Malague - Theatre Arts
José Bauermeister - Nursing
E. Ann Matter - Religion
Mary Frances Berry - History
Milton Meyer - Philosophy
Kathleen M. Brown - Nursing
Lydie Moudileno - Romance Languages
Rebecca Bushnell - English
Marjorie Muecke - Nursing
Anthea Butler - Religious Studies; Africana Studies
Carol Muller - Music
Lee Cassanelli - History, African Studies
Sheila (Bridget) Murnaghan -
Amy Castro Baker - School of Social Policy & Practice
Anne Norton - Political Science
Max Cavitch - English
Josephine Park - English
Dianne Chambless - Psychology
Felicity Paxton - Annenberg
Linda Chance - Center for East Asian Studies
Kevin M. F. Platt - Slavic Languages & Lit
Tim Corrigan - Cinema Studies, English, Art
Jennifer S. Ponce de León - English
Margo Crawford - English
Gerald Prince - Romance Languages
Erin Cross - LGBT Center
Simon Richter - German
Patricia D'Antonio - Penn Nursing Science
Megan Robb - Religious Studies
Julie Nelson Davis - History of Art
Dorothy E. Roberts - Law and Sociology
Karen Detlefsen - Philosophy
Grace Sanders Johnson - Africana Studies
Tulia Falleti - Political Science; Latin American and Latino Studies Program; Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics
Barbara Savage - Africana Studies
Ann Farnsworth-Alvear - History
Cecilia Segawa Seigle - East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Siyen Fei - History
Vivian Seltzer - Social Policy & Practice
Talya Fishman - Religious Studies
Gwendolyn DuBois Shaw - History of Art
Chenoa Flippen - Sociology
Kaja Silverman - History of Art
Dennis Flores - Nursing
Elaine Simon - Urban Studies
Frank Furstenberg - Sociology
Davesh Soneji - South Asia Studies
Toorjo Ghose - Social Policy & Practice
Susan Sorenson - Social Policy & Practice
Pilar Gonalons-Pons - Sociology, Population Studies Center
Brian Spooner - Anthropology, Penn Museum
Sarah Gordon - Law
Peter Stallybrass - English
Marie Gottschalk - Political Science
Jeanne Stanley - Education
David Grazian - Sociology
Anne Teitelman - School of Nursing
Wendy Grube - Penn Nursing Science
Jolyon Thomas - East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Alexander Guerrero - Philosophy
Janet Tighe - College Office
Kathleen Hall - Education
Salamishah Tillet - English and Africana Studies
Emily Hannum - Sociology
Carol E. Tracy - Women’s Law Project
Kristen Harknett - Sociology
Anna Weesner - Music
Eun-Ok Im - Penn Nursing Science
Beth S. Wenger - History
Roberta Iversen - Social Policy & Practice
Bethany Wiggin - German
Jerry Jacobs - Sociology
Melissa Wilde - Sociology
Sarah Hope Kagan - Penn Nursing Science
Tobias Barrington Wolff - Penn Law School
Firoozeh Kashani-Sabet - History and Modern Middle East Studies