Catriona MacLeod is Professor of German. Professor MacLeod studied at the University of Glasgow, Scotland (M.A.) and at Harvard (Ph.D.). Her research, which focuses on late eighteenth-century and nineteenth-century literature and culture, has the following emphases: gender studies, in particular literary and aesthetic figurations of androgyny; the intersections between high art and popular culture in Weimar Classicism; the relationship between verbal and visual arts. She has published on figures such as Winckelmann, Goethe, Bertuch, Kleist, Brentano, and Stifter. The author of Embodying Ambiguity: Androgyny and Aesthetics from Winckelmann to Keller, MacLeod has completed another book project, All that is Solid Melts into Air: Literature and Sculpture in the German Nineteenth Century, forthcoming in 2012 from Northwestern U P.

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Faculty Research Field(s)

German Studies; word-image; and figurations of androgyny