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    Three 2018 GSWS Majors Graduating Phi Beta Kappa

    Congratulations to Meghana Nallajerla, Hillary Nguyen, and Kerry Schellenberger, GSWS seniors graduating Phi Beta Kappa. The GSWS Program and the APC wish them, and all seniors graduating this year, the best in their future endeavors!
  • Upcoming Event

    Honors Thesis Presentations for GSWS Graduates

    Please join the GSWS program as we celebrate our seniors graduating with honors:   Kerry Schellenberger, "Android Embodiment: Gender, Sexuality, and Disability in Star Trek" (Schellenberger's photo featured here) Sarah Thompson, "Portrait of a Marriage: Carol and Phil Mendel" Rachel Wood, “The Replication and Regulation of Gender and Myths of Sex Change in Ovid’s Metamorphoses”   Student presentations will be followed by a brief reception.