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    APC Core Faculty David L. Eng and Melissa Sanchez explain how queer theory informs their research

    Omnia's new series, OMNIA 101, asks to faculty members about how they use critical tools in their research and classrooms, shedding light on what they find useful, compelling, or just plain interesting about the work that they do. In this feature article, English Professors and APC Core Faculty David L. Eng and Melissa Sanchez talk about how they apply queer theory to the study of literature and culture.  Read the full story Listen to the APC Podcast Series on What's Left of Queer Theory Now?  
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    Transgender Health–A Multi-disciplinary Approach

    Today’s healthcare system must address transgender issues from the perspectives of physical health, mental health and the individual’s integration into society. Penn’s Center for Human Appearance is holding a symposium to bring together the many related disciplines to discuss these issues and share the challenges facing transgender health. The symposium features leading experts who will address family dynamics, identity, reproductive and sexual health, hormonal therapy, medical insurance and policy, dermatology and surgical procedures. Healthcare and non-healthcare professionals are welcome to attend the symposium where we’ll tackle this complex and interconnected topic which requires knowledge and collaboration across multiple disciplines. For more information