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    Share Your Stories - APC Story Corps Project: Free Speech & Safe Space

    In this second year of the Alice Paul Center’s “Story Corps” project, we are reimagining open expression, inclusion and argument. In today’s volatile climate, free speech and safe space are often imagined as mutually exclusive—as rigid and reactive binaries. What happens to our world and our willingness to engage it if we work from the premise that public engagement is by definition neither truly free nor truly safe? We believe this premise can open up possibilities for new ways of imagining what it means to engage in open expression, to practice inclusion, and to disagree. In honor of Women’...
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    Terra Femme: Women and the Travelogue Archives

    An illustrated talk by filmmaker Courtney Stephens. Snippets of world travel film taken by women in the early 20th century, revealing places and times forever changed. All are invited to the series closing reception. For more information