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    GSWS Graduate Certificate Student SaraEllen Strongman Publishes in Feminist Theory

    SaraEllen Strongman, PhD Candidate in Africana Studies and 2016 GSWS graduate certificate recipient, has an article in the latest issue of the journal Feminist Theory. The article, titled "'Creating justice between us': Audre Lorde's theory of the erotic as coalitional politics in the women's movement," explores how interracial sex and/or sexual attraction might be an integral part of cross-racial feminist work. 
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    Janet Jakobsen and Christina Crosby: A Body Undone: Living on After Great Pain, Brownlee Lecture

    As one approach to the question, “What’s Left of Queer Studies Now," Christina Crosby and Janet Jakobsen explore the relation between queer studies and disability studies. In contrast to the liberal individual who is the bearer of rights, queer theory offers ways of conceptualizing the world as relationally complex, which, as Jakobsen has argued, demands a radical rethinking of ethical life. Christina Crosby's memoir of living with spinal cord injury, A Body Undone: Living on After Great Pain, brings to this understanding an embodied immediacy, and “asks readers to recognize how messy, precarious, and queer, in every sense of the word, life in a body can be” (TheNewYorker.com). In an open conversation, Crosby and Jakobsen will ask: How are lives sustained under conditions of...