Feminist Studies

Feminist Studies is an interdisciplinary academic field that explores the roles and contributions of women in society.

Examples of courses that would satisfy requirements for Feminist Studies (where appropriate, courses can be counted for more than one concentration):

  • GSWS-028 Feminist Philosophy
  • GSWS-090 Topics in Women & Literature
  • GSWS-109 Women and Religion
  • GSWS-110 Writing about Gender
  • GSWS-122 Sociology of Gender
  • GSWS-187 Possessing Women
  • GSWS-228 Women in Film
  • GSWS-279 Women in Theatre
  • GSWS-280 Feminist Political Thought
  • GSWS-320 Contemporary Feminist Thought
  • GSWS-346 Women in American History
  • GSWS-431 Women and Political Activism