Global Gender and Sexuality Studies

Global Gender and Sexuality Studies aims to look at gender from a global as well as a transnational perspective as opposed to focusing exclusively or predominantly on how gender functions in our domestic culture.

Examples of courses that would satisfy requirements for Global Gender and Sexuality Studies (where appropriate, courses can be counted for more than one concentration):

  • GSWS-112 India’s Working Women
  • GSWS-161 Feminism in the Americas
  • GSWS-186 Gender and Sexuality in Japan
  • GSWS-212 Exquisite Encounters: Women, Colonialism and Exoticism
  • GSWS-222 Gender in Modern South Asia
  • GSWS-254 Gender and War: Contemporary Fronts
  • GSWS-268 Women and Human Rights in Africa
  • GSWS-282 Globalization from a Gender Perspective
  • GSWS-294 Reading Global Feminist Theory
  • GSWS-307 Gender in Latin America
  • GSWS-397 Women in Korea
  • GSWS-418 Iranian Cinema: Gender, Politics and Religion