LGBTQ Studies

LGBTQ StudiesĀ is an interdisciplinary academic field that explores the role of sexuality in organizing and structuring societies and in shaping and delimiting personal desires and behavior.

Examples of courses that would satisfy requirements for LGBTQ StudiesĀ (where appropriate, courses can be counted for more than one concentration):

  • GSWS-003 Introduction to Sexuality Studies and Queer Theory
  • GSWS-096 Theories of Gender and Sexuality
  • GSWS104 Sociology of Sex: Comparative Approaches
  • GSWS-149 Law and Social Policy on Sexuality and Reproduction
  • GSWS-186 Gender and Sexuality in Japan
  • GSWS-242 Science of Sex and Sexuality
  • GSWS-252 Freud
  • GSWS-270 Folklore and Sexuality
  • GSWS-322 Advanced Topics in Sexuality Studies
  • GSWS-390 Gender and Sexuality in Literature
  • GSWS-422 History of Sexuality