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Mirjam Cvetic

My research interest lies in a variety of problems of elementary particle physics ranging from the study of basic interactions to experimental tests of fundamental theories. My background is in basic theory (effective Lagrangian of superstring and M-theory, supergravity, and general relativity) as well as in phenomenology (implications of extended gauge structures and phenomenological implications of string theories), and I tend to pursue research that bridges the gap between basic theory and the experimental consequences of these theories. My main research contributions have been along the following directions: (a) Constructions of four-dimensional solutions of superstring theory and derivations of their phenomenological implication, (b) Nonperturbative gravitational physics in fundamental theory, (c) Supersymmetric black holes in string theory, and (d) Consistent non-linear Kaluza-Klein compactifications of string and M-theory and studies of M-theory dynamics on spaces with special holonomy.