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November 11: Francesc Ferrer (Washington U.)

Title: Is the gamma-ray sky CP-odd?
Place: DRL 2N36
Time: 2pm
Several CP violating processes occurring in the early universe could have produced weak-field helical magnetic seed fields thatwould have subsequently grown, amplified via different types of dynamo mechanism, accounting for the presently observed astronomical-sized fields.The structure of these large-scale magnetic fields is imprinted on thegamma-ray sky through secondary cascades. Using data from the Fermi satellitewe evaluate a CP odd statistic and find it to be non-zero above the 2 \sigmalevel. This results indicate a left-handed helical magnetic field of 10^{-14}G on ~10 Mpc scales.

Date of event: 
Mon, 2013-11-11 (All day)