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November 14th: Dieter Lüst (MPI for Physics & LMU)

Title: 3-Cocycles & Non-Associative Star-Products of Non-Geometric String Flux Vacua
Place: DRL 4N9
Time: 2pm
Special seminar - note unusual day.
In this talk we discuss the geometric and non-geometric faces of closed string vacua arising by T-duality from torus bundles
with constant H-flux. The associated closed string geometries are described by new  non-commutative as well
as non-associative algebras, which can be characterized by certain 3-cocycles in Lie algebra cohomology.
We present a star-product algebra on functions in phase space that is manifestly duality invariant and substitutes for
canonical quantization. 

Date of event: 
Thu, 2013-11-14 (All day)