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December 9: Alejandro Satz (Penn)

Rindler horizon perturbations and entanglement entropy
The Rindler horizon has thermal properties analogous to black hole horizons. Its classical area perturbations should therefore satisfy mechanical laws analogous to the classical laws of black hole mechanics. I will present a derivation of these laws in the context of perturbative general relativity, treated like a spin-2 field on flat spacetime in the tradition of Weinberg and Feynman. When the theory is quantized perturbatively, these can be promoted to laws of thermodynamics. The entropy of the horizon coincides with its Noether charge and, under certain circumstances, its dynamical changes can be identified exactly with changes in entanglement entropy.

Time: 2 pm
Place: DRL 2N36

Date of event: 
Mon, 2013-12-09 (All day)