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May 5: Martin Bauer (Chicago)

Title: Scale Invariance, Radiative Symmetry Breaking and Dark Matter
Time: 2pm
Place: DRL 4N12
The discovery of the Higgs and the absence of any New Physics at the LHC
shifts the landscape of BSM model building. Is a natural theory just
pushed to higher scales or were we not careful enough, when interpreting
the argument of Naturalness?
In this talk I want to consider both possibilities. In case of a
high-scale UV completion of the SM, a heavy WIMP could be the first
thing we see. I will discuss new effective theories for such a scenario.

Theories which radiatively induce the Higgs mass parameter by a
Coleman-Weinberg mechanism in a Dark Sector allow to generate all mass
scales in the SM by quantum effects. In the absence of high scale new
physics these models could c

Date of event: 
Mon, 2014-05-05 (All day)