Hispanic Studies Graduate Student Group



The Hispanic Studies Graduate Student Group at the University of Pennsylvania is a student-run organization that helps organize, promote, and publicize events taking place in the Hispanic Studies Department and within pertinent academic fields. Graduate students within the department are encouraged to propose and lead events, such as: inviting speakers to discuss different topics regarding the research interests in our community; hosting movie screenings and discussions; presenting their work as part of our “Works in Progress” workshops; publicizing and participating in relevant academic conferences; and joining the community in extracurricular and social events. Our annual graduate student conference took place on February 10, 2017. Please see the link below to access our blog or email us at: HispanicStudiesGS@sas.upenn.edu.


HSGS coordinators for 2017-2018:

Ana Alameyda-Cohen 

Carmen Torre Perez

Daniella Sanchez Russo


HSGS Calendarhttps://teamup.com/ks1e9b2618d0c97eba


HSGS Projects:

Works in Progress (WIP)

The Works in Progress series provides a space for graduate students to circulate, discuss, and receive feedback on individual work or projects. At each monthly lunch meeting, students gather to discuss a pre-circulated piece of work by a fellow graduate student in Hispanic and Portuguese Studies, and are encouraged to offer comments and constructive feedback. This is a space in which grad students are able to become more familiar with each other's work and build relationships, while also contributing to each others' success. Works in Progress in the past have included feedback on dissertation chapters, conference presentations, journal submissions, and creative work. 



Graduate students are invited to propose films for screening and discussion at each Friday Cineforo. This space allows students to share films they are working on or interested in with others who may not have seen it, and provides an opportunity to engage with each other to share reflections and analysis in a structured space. The student who proposes the film is invited to share either their own work on the film or the questions and issues that they would like to address with the participants. These discussions often spill over into happy hour or another informal gathering afterwards!


Coffee Hour with Professors

At each monthly coffee hour, graduate students are provided the opportunity to meet informally with a pre-designated Penn professor to hear and ask questions about issues relevant to their personal and professional lives. Rather than focus on research and academic work, the coffee hour takes advantage of the wisdom and experience of our professors by providing a space for them to share their experiences in academia, on the job market, navigating their field both professionally and personally, and that allows students to ask questions that fall outside the purview of the seminar.