Juan Garcerán Fructuoso

Ph.D. Candidate, Hispanic Studies

Juan Garceran was born in Cartagena, Spain. After obtaining a B.A. in Education at the University of Murcia, he worked at several bilingual schools. A few years ago, Juan moved to the U.S. and completed a M.A. in Liberal Arts at Dartmouth College. His Master’s thesis was based on 18th century Spanish Enlightenment in relation to Goya’s artwork Los Caprichos. Juan has also taught Spanish through the college level in the U.S. 

Juan has a broad range of research interests. Currently, he is interested in the interplay and opposition of different forms of popular and high culture in the formation and conception of the notion of Spanish identity. He would also like to explore other forms of counterculture as a reaction to intellectual approaches to national identity, Spanish society and literature. In addition to this, Juan is interested in: Spanish Enlightenment, the tensions between European and Latin American approaches to the formation of the new nations since independence, modernismo in relation to its reaction to modernization, and, overall, anything related to intellectual history and social criticism.