Glenda Goodman Honored by American Musicological Society

Glenda Goodman

Glenda Goodman, Associate Professor of Music, received two 2021 American Musicological Society (AMS) awards for recent publications.

She received the Alfred Einstein Award, which honors a musicological article of exceptional merit published by an early career scholar. Her award-winning article, "Bound Together: The Intimacies of Music-Book Collecting in the Early American Republic,” was published in the Journal of the Royal Music Association. AMS called the article, “a rich, detailed, and beautifully researched interrogation of women's music collecting in the post-Revolutionary period.”

Goodman’s book, Cultivated by Hand: Amateur Musicians in the Early American Republic, received the Lewis Lockwood Award for exceptional books by early career scholars. The work brings together the history of gender, books, and labor to explore the little-known world of amateur music-making by women and men in the first generation after the American Revolution. In announcing the award, AMS stated that, “Cultivated by Hand is one of the most important books published on American musical life, and it significantly enlarges our understanding of musical life in the Early American Republic.”

Goodman specializes in American music of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and focuses on the material culture of music and book history, amateur music-making and gender, and soundscapes of colonialism.

Read the full announcement here.

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