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Freshmen & Sophomores: Getting Started in the Major

Admission to the Major

Prospective majors are required by The College to declare their major by the end of sophomore year. Students who are changing majors or adding a second major are urged to file an application for admission with the IR office (notifying a College Advisor of this plan as well) no later than the first semester of their junior year - preferably prior to the end of the drop/add period. Students are encouraged to apply earlier, especially if they plan to study abroad during their junior year. Because of staffing and enrollment contingencies pertaining to the Senior Seminar for Thesis Research, no one will be admitted to the major after their junior year or after they have reached senior status.

In any case, all applicants are required to have a pre-admission interview in order to plan a schedule for the completion of their prerequisites and major requirements. You should do this at your earliest possible convenience. Students are obliged to complete requirements in force at the time of admission to the major, and are cautioned against completing curriculum requirements without consultation with the IR advisor. Please call the office to make an appointment rather than use email.