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Samuel Helfont


Ph.D. Princeton University




Samuel Helfont is a full-time lecturer in Penn’s interdisciplinary International Relations Program. In May 2015, he completed a PhD in Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University, where he wrote his dissertation on Saddam Hussein’s instrumentalization of religion as well as its legacy beyond 2003. His research is based on newly-available Ba’th Party and Iraqi state records. He is also a Robert A. Fox Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia. His work has been published in The Middle East Journal, Foreign Affairs, Orbis, and The New Republic among several other outlets.

Courses Taught

Senior Thesis Seminar I: INTR-390, Sections 303 and 305

Senior Thesis Seminar II: INTR-391, Sections 303 and 305

Iraq and the Iraq Wars: From Saddam to ISIS: INTR-290-901