Colloquium: David Lines on Humanism in Bologna (Van Pelt 627)

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David A. Lines (University of Warwick) will present a paper entitled "Renaissance Humanism and Universities: The Case of Bologna", based on his forthcoming book Reshaping Learning in Early Modern Italy: Arts and Medicine in the University of Bologna, c. 1400-c. 1750. Please note location! 

Date: 8 November 2018

Masterpieces of Italian Literature at Penn (MIL@P)

Masterpieces of Italian Literature at Penn (MIL@P) Reading group meeting


Wednesday, Novmber 7th at 6-7pm in Van Pelt 625

Date: 7 November 2018

Colloquium: Prof. Naomi André on opera and race (Music Building)

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We are excited to announce that Prof. Naomi André (University of Michigan), a distinguished scholar of Italian opera and of related issues of gender and race, will present a talk entitled

“Black Opera and Verdi: Ulrica, Aida, and Otello”

Date: 25 October 2018

Masterpieces of Italian Literature at Penn (MIL@P)

First meeting for the Masterpieces of Italian Literature at Penn (MIL@P) Reading group. Wednesday, October 24th at 6-7pm in Van Pelt 625. 

Date: 24 October 2018

Colloquium: Inaugural Della Valle Lecture in Dante Studies - Alison Cornish (Van Pelt 627)

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Prof. Alison Cornish, who was recently appointed Professor of Italian Studies at New York University, will inaugurate the annual Imelde Della Valle Lectures in Dante Studies with a talk on "Sonus qui non est vox: Sound and Voice in Dante." The soundscape of the Divine Comedy is both vocal and nonvocal.  Professor Cornish's paper explores how Dante exploits what for his culture was a nontrivial distinction.

Please note the location of the event. 

Date: 18 October 2018

Talk: Nick Malgieri on desserts (Van Pelt, class of '55)

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Renown chef and author Nick Malgieri will talk on "Pasticceria: Stories and images of Italian sweets." With degustazione! Please note location. 

Nick Malgieri is the retired founder of baking programs at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City. Author of 12 books about baking and desserts, he is still traveling, teaching, and lecturing on various baking and dessert-related topics. Born to Italian parents, Malgieri has been fascinated by the sweets of Italy since childhood.

Date: 9 October 2018

Talk and Screening: Stefano Tomassini on Ronconi's staging of Orlando Furioso (Williams Hall, 516)

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New York Furioso. Luca Ronconi at Bryant Park

Date: 20 September 2018