Talk and Screening: Stefano Tomassini on Ronconi's staging of Orlando Furioso (Williams Hall, 516)

New York Furioso. Luca Ronconi at Bryant Park

Prof. Stefano Tomassini (Univ. IUAV Venice and Univ. of Lugano) will talk about Edoardo Sanguineti and Luca Ronconi's staging of Ariosto's Orlando Furioso, which opened in Spoleto in 1968 and was brought to New York City in 1970. The talk starts at 5:15 and ends by 6:15. After the talk, at 6:30 (pizza and drinks are provided as refreshments), segments from the Orlando Furioso produced by Ronconi for the Italian public television in 1975 will be shown and discussed. Please note location (room 516).

The talk is sponsored by the Music Department and is part of the Graduate Seminar on Performance Studies taught by Prof. Mauro Calcagno. Prof. Tomassini will visit the seminar on Sept. 21.  

20 September 2018
5:15 pm - 8:00 pm
Room 516, Williams Hall