ITAL101 - Italian Survival Kit: The Language and Culture of Getting Around in Italy

The following course is delivered in a fully online format in order to allow more flexibility for LPS students. Class sessions are offered through a course website and include live lectures and interactive discussions through both direct messaging and voice over internet. Between classes, the learning experience is extended through assignments, threaded discussions and office hours. For additional information, please visit This online course provides the flexibility of distance-learning and content that is taught efficiently in order to be used practically. If you are going to Italy and questioning how you will survive your total immersion experience, this course will provide you with the linguistic and cultural survival skills you will need to effectively function in Italy and fully enjoy its wonders. In this course, you will learn and practice the language you need to talk about: yourself; others; travel; public transportation; housing; food; shopping; technology; health; money, etc. Class meetings combine original as well as online, authentic content. Adobe Connect allows students to engage in collaborative interaction under the instructor's supervision. Students participate in conversations that replicate day-to-day life in Italy thereby developing the skills needed for face-to-face and online situations.
Section 635 - SEM