In Italian 202 (formerly 205), students will perfect their communication skills to function in the formal register appropriate for an academic setting, while continuing to explore significant aspects of contemporary Italian culture and history. Students will take futher steps towards being able to understand in depth and to contextualize authentic Italian documents. Texts like films, songs, and a variety of readings, will be used as windows on particular historical periods, cultural movements, political issues, and social customs. They will serve as a tool to investigate the many facets of Italian identity and, at the same time, as a way to prepare those students who will continue their study of Italian literature and culture in higher-level courses. Students are expected to participate willingly in conversations and all other class activities in order to perfect their oral and written ability to narrate, express opinion, hypothesize, and discuss a variety of topics quite accurately, using rich, appropriate vocabulary and grammar, and organizing paragraphs into well structured discourses, be they oral presentations, weekly compositions (2-2.5 pages) or the final essay (6-7 pages). To reach these goals, speaking, listening, reading and writing activities -- role plays, discussions, oral presentations, journals, grammar reviews -- will be based on audio-visual material and written texts provided by the instructor, and purchased and/or proposed by the students themselves, based on their independent explorations and research.
Section 301 - SEM
MW 0200PM-0330PM