ITAL584 - 20C ITAL FICTION & FILM: Does Jewishness Exist? The Presence and Influence of Jews in 20C Ital Lit

The course will involve an exploration of a number of works of prose fiction and, when possible, the screening of their filmic adaptations. We will consider such genres as the historical novel (Tomasi di Lampedusa's Il gattopardo), biography (Dacia Mariani's La lunga vita di Marianna Ucria), autobiography (Gavino Ledda's Padre padrone), the mystery novel (Leonardo Sciascia's A ciascuno il suo), the epistolary novel (Oriana Fallaci's Lettera ad un bambino mai nato), the political thriller (Antonio Tabucchi's Sostiene Pereira), "anthropological" memoir (Carlo Levi's Christ Stopped at Eboli), the psycho-political case study (Alberto Moravia's II conformista) and the regional short story (selections from Luigi Pirandello's Novelle per un anno). The class will be conducted as a seminar requiring a great deal of student participation.
Section 401 - SEM
F 0200PM-0400PM