ITAL100 - Violence in Rome Across the Ages: Literature, Art, Film, Spectacle

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Section 301 - SEM
Rome is a city with a glorious but bloodied past. From the gladiator arenas of the ancient empire to the terrorism of the 1970s, from predictions of the city’s divine castigation to the futurists’ desire to symbolically blow the place up, the history of Rome across the centuries has been one peppered with violence of diverse forms, motivations, and consequences. In this class, we will approach the major periods and problems of Roman history (antiquity, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Roman Inquisition, the Napoleonic era, the Interbellum period, Nazi occupation, and the Years of Lead) through the lens of brutality as a historical, social, literary, and artistic phenomenon in Rome and the regions that fell under its control. Combining close readings of literary texts and the study of artistic, performative, and musical works and film, along with the consideration of select scholarly histories, we will explore the different shapes violence takes and why, from the legendary, spectacular, and aesthetic to the religious and apocalyptic, from war, authoritarianism, torture, and terrorism to satire and regeneration.
TR 0300PM-0430PM