Readings and reflections on significant texts of the Italian literary and artistic tradition exploring a wide range of genres, themes, cultural debates by analyzing texts in sociopolitical contexts. Readings and discussions in Italian.
Section 401 - SEM
From Dante's Hell to Petrarch's love labors lost, from Machiavelli's trickeries to Galileo's revolution, from Leopardi's indefatigable meditations to Calvino's post-modern creations, ITAL 203 is an introductory course intended to offer students the opportunity to discover Italian culture through its most important authors and texts. Students will become familiar with over ten centuries of Italian history, through a contextualized (art history, politics, economy) analysis of the different literary texts. Visits to the Rare Books Section of Van Pelt will grant students the opportunity to see and handle antique books and learn about elements of material culture. All in all, the course will provide students with the tools to improve their Italian vocabulary and strengthen their written and oral competencies, through activities such as discussions, oral presentations, short essays and research projects. Classes and readings will be in Italian. Completion of ITAL 201 or of an equivalent course abroad is a requirement. If necessary, ITAL 201 can be taken at the same time of ITAL 203. ITAL 203 is mandatory for Minors in Italian Literature and Majors in Italian Literature. Majors and minors in Italian Culture can, as an alternative, take ITAL 202 or ITAL 204.
TR 0300PM-0430PM