ITAL581 - Jews in 20th-Century Italian Literature

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Section 301 - SEM
The first part of the course will be devoted to the participation of Jewish intellectuals, writers, politicians to the formation of the Italian identity after the unification of the country. The course will deal with Italian multiple identities in terms of language, ethnicities, religion, literary canon. The second part of the course will focus on fascism, and its consequences over this civic tradition of Jewish culture and its perception of Italy and, more generally, of history. Italian Jewish writers, such as Bassani, Morante, Primo Levi, will be analyzed in relation to a European and American context in order to enlighten differences and similarities with Italian identity and tradition (we will read in particular Saul Bellow, Herzog, Seize the day; Philips Roth, Portnoy's Complaint, Patrimony; Bernard Malamud The Magic Benel, The Tenant). The third part of the course will focus on post-modern Jewish-Italian writers such as Daniele Del Giudice, Roberto Calasso, Alessandro Piperno, Emanuele Trevi. The “end of history” and the “posthumous” understanding of history and its ideologies revive the Jewish theme of nomadism and exile, not only from the promised land, but - paradoxically - from Jewish tradition and identity. The course - therefore - will intersect and discuss the emerging field of "Diaspora studies." This course will be taught in English.
M 0200PM-0400PM