This course surveys the history of Italian literature through its major masterpieces. Beginning with Dante's Divine Comedy, Petrarca's love poems, and Boccaccio's Decameron, we will follow the development of Italian literary tradition through the Renaissance (Machiavelli's political theory and Ariosto's epic poem), and then through Romanticism (Leopardi's lyric poetry and Manzoni's historical novel), up to the 20th century (from D'annunzio's sensual poetry to Calvino's post-modern short stories). The course will provide students with the tools needed for analyzing the texts in terms of both form and content, and for framing them in their historical, cultural, and socio-political context. Classes and readings will be in Italian. Completion of ITAL 201 or of an equivalent course abroad is a requirement. ITAL 203 is mandatory for Minors in Italian Literature and Majors in Italian Literature. If necessary, ITAL 201 can be taken at the same time of ITAL 203.
Section 401 - SEM
Masterpieces of Italian Literature. I capolavori della letteratura italiana. Forlorn love poets, souls lost in dark forests, mad knights adrift in labyrinthine woods and texts, cunning political theorists, wandering shepherds singing to the moon and the stars, ironically disenchanted minds and fragmented ones … These are some of the characters we will encounter in our journey through ten centuries of Italian literature. Dante, Petrarch, Boccaccio, all the way to Calvino and Pasolini—we will pair the critical analysis of these authors with their respective historical, cultural, and social context, traveling through pages and words that have shaped who we are today and how we “read” and experience the world. Assignments may include: class discussion, oral presentations, short and long essays, and research projects. Requirements: Ital 201 or an equivalent course abroad. Ital 201 can be taken along with Ital 203. Ital 203 is mandatory for the Italian Majors and Minors who specialize in Italian Literature. * Classes and readings will be in Italian
TR 1030AM-1200PM