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Section 301 - SEM
What does falling in love mean? What does it imply, and how can we convey such powerful experience through the limited means of words? In this course we will analyze the topic as it crossed the entire history of Italian literature and in particular its poetry, from Dante and Petrarca to Montale and Merini. We will learn how each of these poets attached to this experience a very different perspective on the self and on the world, in different poetic styles. Texts will be analyzed thematically and stylistically to reveal all facets of love: as praise of the beauty of the beloved; intimate reflection upon the author’s self; cause of pain, madness, and even death; signal of the new values of a rising social class; intellectual or gnoseological experience. This topic opens an extraordinary path through the historical and philosophical development of Italian civilization as expressed in its literature from its thirteenth-century fathers - Dante, Petrarca, and Boccaccio - to the greatest nineteenth and twentieth-century authors, from Leopardi to Montale and many others. This course is taught in Italian. Completion of Italian 201 or equivalent is a pre-requisite.
MW 0330PM-0500PM