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Section 401 - SEM
Italian culture is mostly renowned in the world for its art, fashion and food. However, we should not underestimate Italy’s significant contribution to the field of Social and Political Science. One peculiar aspect of Italian political thought is its enduring interaction with literature. Many renowned writers, such as Dante and Machiavelli, were primarily considered political authors rather than literary icons by their contemporaries, and their writings influenced and shaped political discourse in Italy and across Western culture. Their work is still of great interest for the Humanities, the Social and Political Sciences, History, and Philosophy. In this course, we will examine the work of these authors, focusing on different genres (from poetry to political treatises, satire, and fiction). We will frame these works within their historical and literary context while also focusing on their impact to today’s historical present. Many themes of great current interest animate these works: the division of Church and State, the relationship between the State and its citizens, the separation of power into three branches, the death penalty, the relationship between ethics and politics, and the consequences of the global economy. Readings will include, among others, works by Dante, Machiavelli, Beccaria, Leopardi, Pasolini, Gentile and Gramsci.
MWF 0100PM-0200PM