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Section 301 - SEM
The second half of the twentieth century and the beginning of the new Millennium have been an extraordinarily fruitful period for the Italian novel. In this course we will analyze the main themes and narrative strategies employed by contemporary Italian authors. The syllabus will include excerpts from the novels of Alberto Moravia and Elsa Morante, the magic realism of Calvino, and the work of Umberto Eco, which successfully combine history, mystery, and semiotics. Additionally, we will look at the relation between national identity and language, by focusing on Italian migrant literature and the work of Amara Lakhous and Igiaba Scego. Finally, we’ll investigate the recent phenomenon of Elena Ferrante, currently a best-selling author in Italy and in the U.S. who brought Italian narrative back onto the global map. This course will be taught in Italian.
MW 0330PM-0500PM
Section 401 - SEM
Humanism and the Renaissance have traditionally been regarded as a dramatic departure from the dark Middle Ages. The first to suggest this interpretation were Renaissance men themselves, and though today that image has been mitigated and corrected, it is undeniable that the Renaissance was actually a period of profound change in values and ways of understanding. The rediscovery of long lost texts and cultural heritage of the ancient world forced Renaissance thinkers to reconsider many of their most traditional assets, while old authorities crumbled before the scrutiny of new methodologies. This course will investigate the Italian Renaissance and Humanism in a wider European context, focusing on authors such as Petrarch, Machiavelli, Leonardo, Erasmus, More, and Luther. Material from the Rare Books and Manuscript Library will be used throughout the course. The course will be taught in English. The Italian Component is offered to declared and prospective Majors/Minors in Italian Studies who will have the possibility to read course materials and write assignments in Italian, upon request.
TR 0130PM-0300PM