Section 301 - SEM
This graduate seminar will focus on proficiency-oriented approaches and effective strategies for organizing and planning instruction in a second language. Students will familiarize themselves with the principles of Universal and Backward Design, Active, Collaborative, Game-Based, and Project-Based Learning. They will also discover different ways to foster engagement and diversity in real and virtual classrooms and to build a sense of community in face-to-face and online teaching environments. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to analyze and design activities based on different strategies and uses of technology (i.e. Virtual Reality and Global Simulation) to enhance learner experiences and outcomes. At the end of the course, students will be able to evaluate teaching approaches, implement effective strategies in their lesson plans, recognize and address students’ learning styles, design appropriate teaching materials and language assessment tools, and work on their teaching portfolios. Readings will be provided by the instructor. Undergraduates need permission to enroll.
T 0330PM-0530PM