Ann Moyer

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Professor of History
Member of the Graduate Group in Italian Studies
Interim Graduate Chair (Italian Studies)
Interim Director of the Center for Italian Studies
Contact Information
(215) 898-4957
Office Location: 
College Hall 319B
Office Hours: 
Spring 2020: R 1:30-3 and by appt

Ann Moyer specializes in the intellectual and cultural history of Renaissance Europe, especially sixteenth-century Italy. Her most recent book is The Intellectual World of Sixteenth-Century Florence: Humanists and Culture in the Age of Cosimo I (2020). It examines how Florentines studied their own language, literature, history, and art and argued that it merited comparison with the greatness of antiquity.

Moyer's previous work includes a cluster of three related book-length research projects with overlapping themes related to music, mathematics, and the relationship between the arts and the sciences in Renaissance Europe: Musica Scientia: Musical Scholarship in the Italian Renaissance (Cornell University Press, 1992); Raffaele Brandolini On Music and Poetry (MRTS, 2001); and The Philosophers' Game: Rithmomachia in Medieval and Renaissance Europe(University of Michigan Press, 2001).

Professor Moyer is one of the Executive Editors of the Journal of the History of Ideas. The JHI is published by Penn Press, and its offices are on the Penn campus.

Professor Moyer served as Executive Director of the Renaissance Society of America July 2010–June 2015.