The Amici Prize

Amici Prize: Undergraduate Research in Italian Studies

Deadline for submission of applications: TBD 2019.

The Center for Italian Studies at Penn awards the Amici Prize, established in 1993, for a research project in Italian Studies to be conducted in Italy by a Penn undergraduate student, this year between May 1st and December 31st, 2019.

The awarded sum is up to $1,500.

Applicants can propose a project in any field of Italian Studies with the support of their instructor/advisor who will advise and supervise the student. The project can originate from a class or be independent from it; it can be developed during an independent study but can also be pursued outside it. The outcome, which can take a variety of forms (paper, video, blog etc.), will be shared with other Penn undergraduates, in ways arranged and coordinated by the Undergraduate Chair in Italian, together with the advisor. The Prize cannot be awarded to the same student in two consecutive years. 

Applicants should send, via e-mail, a detailed project proposal (600 to 1200 words) including a title, a description, an approximate budget, and a rough timeline for completion. The instructor/advisor will send, separately, his or her confidential letter of recommendation. Please submit these documents by 2019 TBD as Word or PDF file attached to a message with subject “Amici Prize 2019” and addressed to:

Mauro Calcagno

Director, Center for Italian Studies, at

Thank you.