Diploma CILS (Certificate of Italian as a Foreign Language) and CILS Preparatory Courses

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Vincenzo Rustico, Campo di Siena

Under an agreement with the University for Foreigners in Siena, Italy, the University of Pennsylvania is an official CILS testing site (Certificazione di Italiano come Lingua Straniera).

The CILS Diploma (Certificate of Knowledge of Italian as Foreign Language), issued by the University for Foreigners in Siena, certifies your knowledge of Italian, is valid throughout the world, and does not expire (as other certificates like TOEFL do).

There are six different proficiency levels and you can take more than one diploma (e.g. after an A2 certificate you can take the exam again to get a superior level certificate):

A1 low beginner; A2 high beginner;

B1 low intermediate; B2 high intermediate;

C1 advanced; C2 proficiency

Please note that level B2 is valid also as language exam for admittance to any Italian University without the need for further testing, and that with level C2 you can apply for the position of official translator from Italian into English, in several countries.

Exam examples can be found on the website of the University for Foreigners of Siena at the following link:


Textbook to prepare for the exam can be purchased here:



The CILS Preparation Course for the B1-C1 levels CILS exam has been CANCELED.

The CILS exam is held twice per year, in June and December, and it must be taken in person at an official testing site. The 2018 exam sessions will be Thursday June 7 and Thursday December 6. Registrations for the June 7 exam will be accepted until April 20, 2018. Please be advised that registrations are specific to each testing site. Click here for registration information.


The duration of the exam (consisting of listening comprehension, reading comprehension, grammar and use of structure tests, compositions, oral interview) varies between approximately 2:30 and 6 hours depending on the level.


Exam fees:

Level A1, A2USD 80
Level B1USD 140
Level B2USD 160
Level C1USD 190
Level C2USD 225

Please be informed that the CILS exam can be taken by anyone who might be interested, students and/or professionals.

Test your knowledge of Italian, get prepared to take this challenging exam, and make your CV even stronger with this Official Diploma!

For more information, please contact Marina Johnston, johnston@sas.upenn.edu, or Lillyrose Veneziano-Broccia, lillyros@sas.upenn.edu.

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