Celebrating Leopardi

September 26th, the Center for Italian Studies joined six other American and British institutions in the celebrations for the publication of the integral English translation of Giacomo Leopardi's Zibaldone with a seminar led by the editors of the work, Michael Caesar, University of Birmingham, and Franco D'Intino, Università di Roma "Sapienza".

Caesar and D'Intino discussed the challenges of such monumental translation and their editorial choices, which were reinforced via Skype by Dagmar Sabolova's dicussion of her anthological Slovak translation of the Zibaldone. Jean Michel Rabate, University of Pennsylvania, also participated in the event and stressed the importance of this publication to give Leopardi his rightful place in the study of Literary Theory and Comparative Literatures.  For more news on the celebrations, see the online news page of the Centro Internazionale di Studi Leopardiani, http://www.leopardi.it/home.php.