New Publications by Prof. Del Soldato on Early Modern Italy

Assistant Professor Eva Del Soldato has just published a co-edited volume and an article in the most prestigious journal of intellectual history.

The ten essays included in the collection published by Routledge, entitled "Language Choice in Early Modern Italy: City, Court, Academy," explore the identity of early modern Italian multilingual communities by focusing on their self-awareness in using both oral and written languages. Besides co-authoring the introduction with Andrea Rizzi, Prof. Del Soldato has contributed an essay entitled "Vernacular Doctors: Philology, Medicine, and Leisure at the Florentine Academy."

In addition, Prof. Del Soldato's article "Saving the Philosopher's Soul. The De pietate Aristotelis by Fortunio Liceti" has just been published in the "Journal of the History of Ideas." Read more about its topic on the JHI's blog!

Congratulations, Prof. Del Soldato!