CIS and Department Host Seminar on State of Italian Studies in the U.S.

On Saturday Nov. 10, The Center for Italian Studies and the Italian Studies Department held the seminar "Italian Studies in American Higher Education Today," as part of the celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the Center and as a professionalizing experience for the graduate students in the Ph.D. program. Dennis Looney (MLA) opened the event with the position paper "What Makes a Course, a Curriculum, a Program in the Humanities Click?" The respondents included Marco Aresu (Wesleyan), Paola Gambarota (Rutgers), Giancarlo Lombardi (CUNY Grad Center), and Nicoletta Marini Maio (Dickinson). In the afternoon Lillyrose Veneziano Broccia (Director of the Language Program and Undergrad Chair in Italian Studies at Penn), moderated a panel on Language and Pedagogy featuring Claudia Consolati (Univ. of the Arts), Louise Hipwell (Georgetown), and Crystal Hall (Bowdoin). The seminar ended with the presentations by graduate students Tommaso de Robertis and Mario Sassi on the new online journal Bibliotheca Dantesca, and by Ph.D. candidate Luna Sarti on an online exhibit devoted to the history of the Center for Italian Studies from ca. 1978 to 1981. The seminar was organized by Mauro Calcagno, director of the Center, and by Eva Del Soldato, Graduate Chair of the Italian Studies program at Penn.