Graduate Students Meet in Reading Group Mil@p

MIL@P is a graduate student-run organization that welcomes all graduate students from any department and background. This semester the group focuses on Niccolò Machiavelli's The Prince. The meetings take place in Van Pelt 625 on Wednesdays from 6 to 7. This semester mil@p meets on: February 6, 20, 27, on March 13 and 27, and on April 3.

In offering an unprecedented portrait of power, in which the more cunning and degenerate aspects of rulership are also taken into account, Machiavelli’s brief treatise stands out as a true foundational text of modern political thought. By departing from the previous tradition of political writings, Machiavelli describes politics as they actually are, rather than as they should be, thus paving the way to the modern notion of Realpolitik.

Join us in the discovery of this fascinating and authoritative text of the modern era! We particularly encourage graduate students from history, political science, cultural studies, economics, romance languages, philosophy, and law, but all are welcome. We will also take advantage of the fantastic resources of the Kislak Center and look at some original old books and manuscripts related to the history and reception of Machiavelli’s Prince.