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Italian Studies

Penn students enjoying class on the College Green.

Credits: University External Affairs

The University of Pennsylvania, strong in its interdisciplinary and international dimensions, supports a flourishing Italian Studies Program. Students can choose a traditional concentration in language and literature or shape more individualized curriculums that connect to sister programs.

Italian Studies

Platone Aristotele

The Graduate Program in Italian offers students a range of interdisciplinary options that provide a broad academic base in Italian literature, philosophy, film, music, theatre, art, cultural studies, and critical theory, as well as the most current pedagogical theory and practice.

Ponte Vecchio, Florence

Our program in Florence allows students to improve their language skills while enjoying an immersive experience in Italian history and culture. Florence offers a wide array of resources for students, including world-renowned libraries and museums, culinary traditions, and fashion hubs. It is also a very livable city, with accommodations and places of interest all in walking distance.

Italian Studies

The Pantheon in Rome.

The Center for Italian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania was created in 1978 by President Martin Meyerson and School of Arts and Sciences’ Dean Vartan Gregorian with the endorsement of the Republic of Italy. It has the distinction of being the first such center in the United States.