From from the North Temple

Parallel to the basilica and defining the northwestern edge of the forum square is a large rectangle (c. 28 x 40 m) visible on the magnetometry image: this may demarcate the area of another temple precinct. The temple appears to have been located near the back of the space, i.e., the northwestern edge of the rectangle. The exact dimensions, or even the shape, cannot be stated definitively, though the data from the magnetometry survey suggest that the structure was circular, or polygonal. Only one column base, 98.08, can possibly be linked to this structure. The partially preserved base, in a medium-grained white marble, appears to have an Attic form. The approximate diameter of this base (c. 84 cm) suggests a columnar order c. 28.5 RF high. Sadly, no other architectural fragments can be connected with this structure, although, like the West and South Temples, there are few parallels for a marble temple of this size in Africa Proconsularis.