In 2018, James Joo-Jin Kim Program in Korean Studies will award up to two (2) grants, each in an amount up to $2,000, to assist a member of the University of Pennsylvania faculty to conduct research on Korea. All faculty members, including Korean language lecturers and other instructors of Korea-related courses, are eligible to apply.

Kim Program_Faculty_Research_Grant_Application_Form (2018).docx

Please e-mail a completed application form by 3:00 pm, Wednesday, February 28, 2018 to Samantha Koo <>. Award notifications will be e-mailed by mid-March.

2017–2018 Faculty Research Grant Recipients:

  • Haewon Cho (Director, Korean Language Program, East Asian Languages and Civilizations)
    Project Abstract: This project will complete the much anticipated revisions of “You Speak Korean (YSK)” 1 and 2, which I co-authored alongside Dr. Soohee Kim and Dr. Emily Curtis. These books are under contract with one of the biggest publishers in the language education field in Korea. Because it has been more than 13 years since they were published, the major revisions will update and streamline the content in accordance with the National Standards and Integrated Performance Guidelines proposed by the ACTFL. The YSK series has four books, and in this time frame, we plan to finish books 1 and 2.
  • Femida Handy (Director, PhD in Social Welfare Program)
    Project Abstract: Cultural cosmopolitanism (CC) is linked to the global spread of cultural genres, ideas, and products, facilitating the adoption of ‘openness’ to a diversity of ideas and experiences. Korea presents an ideal country to study CC given its engagement in global trade. I conducted 60 interviews with Korean students (in Seoul, 2016) to establish the benefits and challenges faced in achieving CC outlook. These findings show the deep desire to belong to a cosmopolitan elite among students. Further in depth qualitative data is needed to determine the nature and types of pathways utilized by students (online and offline practices) in acquiring global cultural capital.