2017–2018 Undergraduate Fellow

Hometown, State: Berkeley Heights, New Jersey
Year: Class of 2018
Major: International Relations and East Asian Languages and Civilization (Concentration: Chinese) Minor: French

Alison first became interested in Korea through her study of China. This included exposure to Korean history, culture, and cuisine during her time spent living in China as well as through her studies at Penn. However, these experiences have all been conveyed through the eyes of China. As a sophomore, Alison began studying Korean to increase her understanding of Korea as well as to expand her knowledge of East Asia. Although initially attracted to the Korean language as a way to complement her Mandarin skills, Alison quickly became interested in the cultural aspects that are embedded in the language as well as the cultural points mentioned in textbooks. The Korean Undergraduate Fellowship presents Alison with the opportunity to increase her understanding of Korea and to broaden her perspective on East Asia as a way to support her major in East Asian Languages and Civilizations.