2017–2018 Undergraduate Fellow

Hometown: Monterrey, Mexico
Majors: International Relations, East Asian Languages and Civilization (Concentration: Korean Studies)
Year: Class of 2019

Hector first became interested in Korea as a result of the Peninsula's ever-growing relevance to global affairs. As a student of international relations, the Korean case illustrates a wide array of concepts critical to modern international affairs, from nuclearization to soft power, and many others in-between. Furthermore, after a couple of courses in Korean Studies, Hector developed an interest in Korea's pre-20th-century history. He is fascinated by Sino-Korean relations and their intellectual legacy, particularly the history of Confucianism in Korea, and the political processes that have surrounded it. As a Kim Program fellow, Hector is thrilled to engage the Korean Studies community at Penn and explore its diverse disciplinary backgrounds and ideas.