2017–2018 Undergraduate Fellow

Hometown, State: Busan, South Korea/Las Vegas, Nevada
Major: Political Science, Minor: International Development
Year: Class of 2018

Scarlett is interested in the changing dynamics of U.S. policy and military strategy as they relate to the international realm. With the rising role of the Korean Peninsula, her goal as an Undergraduate Fellow is to become familiar with the historical and cultural background necessary in order to better understand the nature of development and conflict within the region. With this context largely unavailable in current Western political and academic discourse, Scarlett hopes to gain the knowledge by taking courses, interacting with other fellows, and engaging with the various members of the Korean Studies community.

During the past few years, Scarlett has focused on experiencing the different levels and facets of American policymaking. In her last year at Penn, she hopes to engage both students and educators to include Korea’s culture and history in the conversation— emphasizing the need for a future cohort of diplomats and policymakers who are familiar with the region’s context beyond the Korean War. In the future, Scarlett hopes to utilize her experiences and time as an Undergraduate Fellow to enter U.S. civil service and serve the American public, as well as peacekeeping interests abroad.