Online Resources

The resources marked with a (*) are available through the courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania and accessible only to Pennkey users.

Korean Studies Discussion List
The Korean Studies Discussion List is an international, English-language, nonpartisan, moderated electronic discussion group on Korea. The list welcomes academic discussions on any aspect of Korean Studies. It may also be used for posting announcements of publications, job vacancies, and more. 

* Chosun Ilbo Archive
The Chosun Ilbo Archive provides access to the Chosun Ilbo Korean daily newspaper back to its launch in 1920.

* DBpia
A full text-database including over 1300 Korean scholarly journals. The journal titles are arranged by 11 subject categories such as economics, engineering, education, and medicine, among others. All journals are available from the first issue.

* History Culture Series 
A multi-media content database dedicated to Korean history and culture, this database allows users to store and download text and photos easily and quickly for use in the classroom. The module covers the following subject areas: Archaeology, Korean history, and Art history

* Korean History & Culture Research Database 
This database is a full-text collection of excavation reports of historical sites in Korea operated by national and university museums and private research institutions and associations since 1910. It also contains 3000 volumes of research papers, reports, catalogs, and maps related to Korean geography, history, folklore, and architecture.

* Korean Studies Information Service System (KISS) 
A full-text database of Korean academic journals, KISS provides full bibliographic information (title, author, publisher, year, note, and abstract) and the capability to search various indexes. The database contains 5,600 journals and 1,140,000 articles which total 14,000,000 pages. It covers: languages, history, philosophy, literature, education, society, business, economics, law, science, mathematics, agriculture, fishery science, engineering, food and nutrition, fashion, medical science, arts, music, among others.

* KRpia
A full-text collection of Korean classical books, including history, literature, folk literature, natural history, oriental medicine, and other classical works.

* LawnB's Legal Information Service 
The largest collection of Korean legal materials online, LawnB’s Legal Information Service is a portal service for all law-related issues, indexing 50 categories such as status, precedents, commentaries, administrative documents and statistics, academic articles, law journals, law-related news among others.

* NAVER News Archive
A full-text Korean news archive containing the Tonga ilbo, the Kyŏnghyang sinmun, the Maeil kyŏngje sinmun, and the Han'gyŏre.

* National Institute of Korean History
A governmental agency of the Republic of Korea, whose principal function is to collect, compile, and publish historical data relevant to research on Korean history.

* NLK (대한민국 신문 아카이브) Newspaper Archive
A searchable newspaper archive, organized by the National Library of Korea, featuring articles published before 1950.