The Latin American and Latino Studies Internal Seminar series (LALSIS) has the main goal of discussing work-in-progress by members of the Penn LALS community such that we can learn about and from the scholarship of our colleagues on campus. We hope that our interactions in LALSIS may lead to future collaborations in teaching or research, or simply to the solidification of an interdisciplinary community with interest in Latin America and Latin@s.

Here are a list of past LALSIS presenters, followed by upcoming talks for the Spring of 2017. (The seminars are generally held on Tuesdays).

*If you would like a copy of the paper presented, please contact

Fall 2016

(Tuesday, October 25th). Dr. Sebastián Gil-Riaño, Assistant Professor in the Department of History and Sociology of Science presented his paper entitled “Latinizing Modernization? Neo-Lamarckism and the Human Sciences in the Andean Indian Mission during the 1950s.”

(Tuesday, December 6th). Dr. Daniel Aldana Cohen, Assistant Professor of Sociology presented his work, "Gray ecologies and red-green estrangement: poor peopls's movements and low-carbon politics in a global city". His paper explores coalitions and estrangements between poor people's movements (reds) and environmental policy elites (greens) on important low carbon emissions policies in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Spring 2017

February 7th – Dorothy Kronick, Assistant Professor of Political Science

February 21st - Americo Mendoza-Mori, Quechua Penn

February 28th- Grace Louise Sanders Johnson, Assistant Professor of Africana Studies

March 14th - Amada Armenta, Assistant Professor of Sociology

April 4th – Ericka Beckman, Associate Professor of Romance Languages





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