Arafin S.

Three-dimensional gravity modelling of a Trinidad mud volcano, West Indies

Arafin S., 2005. Three-dimensional gravity modeling of a trinidad mud volcano, West
Indies. Exploration Geophysics 36, 329–333.

The violent eruption of the Piparo mud volcano, Trinidad, in February 1997 demonstrated its destructive capability by completely burying 16 houses and a number of livestock under a 5 m thick mud pile. Unlike magmatic volcanoes, mud volcanoes involve very low energy, making geophysical methods such as seismology unsuitable for monitoring. Three-dimensional gravity modelling over the Tabaquite mud volcano suggests the presence of a large density contrast (–0.70 t.m-3). The density contrast being large and dynamic (i.e., it is absent at recently active mud volcanoes like Piparo) makes the gravity method a potential tool for monitoring mud volcanoes.
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