Lin B.


The Hydrometeorological Design Studies Center (HDSC), Hydrology Laboratory, Office of Hydrologic Development, U.S. National Weather Service is updating its precipitation frequency analysis for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Current precipitation frequency studies for the area are contained in Technical Paper No. 42 "Generalized estimates of probable maximum precipitation and rainfall-frequency data for Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands" (U.S. Weather Bureau 1961) and Technical Paper No. 53 "Two- to ten-day rainfall for return periods of 2 to 100 years in Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands" (Miller 1965). The current study includes collecting data and performing quality control, compiling and formatting datasets for analyses, selecting applicable frequency distributions and fitting techniques, analyzing data, mapping and preparing reports and other documentation. The study will determine annual and seasonal precipitation frequencies for durations from 5 minutes to 60 days, for return periods from 2 to 1000 years. The study will review and process all available rainfall data for the Puerto Rico and Virgin Island study area and use accepted statistical methods. The study results will be published as a Volume of NOAA Atlas 14. They will also be made available on the internet using web pages with the additional ability to download digital files.
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