El Verde Stream Data

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This project presents data pertaining to the water chemistry of streams around the El Verde Field Station. Hobo U26 Dissolved Oxygen Loggers and U24 Conductivity Loggers collect data at a 15 minute time interval on the Q. Sonadora, Q. Prieta and Q. Toronja, in addition to a Hobo U20 Water Level logger at the Q. Toronja site.

A tropical wave left 8-9 inches of rain near El Verde 8-28 to 8-29-14

Data a product of the Luquillo Critical Zone Observatory (LCZO)

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Ecology, Hydrology, Conductivity, Oxygen, DO, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature

Longitudinal Patterns in Stream Channel Geomorphology and Aquatic Habitat in the Luquillo Mountains of Puerto Rico

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The hydrologic, geomorphic, and ecological dynamics of tropical montane
streams are poorly understood in comparison to many temperate and/or alluvial rivers.
Yet as the threat to tropical freshwater environments increases, information on the
dynamics of relatively pristine streams is important for understanding landscape
evolution, managing and conserving natural resources, and implementing stream
restoration. This dissertation characterizes the geomorphology and hydrology of five

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Microbial community analysis of Bisley watershed in Puerto Rico

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Biological processes are known to play significant roles in soil formation and surficial weathering. However, the contributions of biological activity to regolith and rock weathering below the root zone are less well understood, especially in humid tropic forests that have shallow root systems and rapid nutrient cycling in surficial layers. In Puerto Rico, thick, highly leached saprolites blanket the landscape, reaching well over 16 m deep on some ridges, often decoupling deep biogeochemical cycles from surface cycles.

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